Protection Products

Protection Products

Protecting Your Life & Lifestyle

How financially prepared are you for illness, serious injury or even death? Who would pay the bills, the mortgage and maintain your and your family’s current standard of living that your income covers? If you’re a business owner how would the business survive?

No matter how hard it is to think about unexpected serious illness, injury or death, planning ahead will give you enormous peace of mind now, and ease the financial burden if the worst does happen later.


Protection cover comes in many forms to cover many eventualities:

At Halpin Wealth Management we can talk you through the various forms of protection you need to provide peace of mind and financial security for you and your loved ones. Our first hand knowledge of the life assurance market allows us to quickly select the products and solutions that are just right for you, tailored to both your financial circumstances and the level of protection you require.


Term AssuranceThis is a cover for critical illness or death over a specified period of time. You pay a regular premium linked to the level of cover you require, and in the event of your death or you suffering one of a number of critical illnesses you will receive a lump sum payment. Optional benefits include hospital cover, disability benefit and dual life cover.
Pension Term AssuranceA form of life cover that pays a lump sum if you die before you retire from work.  The premiums are subject to tax relief at your highest rate, and the lump sum should enable your family to continue to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in the event of your untimely death.
Income Protection1 in 6 Irish workers will suffer an injury or illness which stops them working for 6 months or more. If it happens to you and you’re not prepared, then life could be very uncomfortable indeed. State protection is very limited. Income Protection provides you with an income if you are unable to work due to any illness or injury, your premiums enjoy tax relief at your highest rate, and you can choose a level of protection that suits your circumstances.
Serious Illness CoverYou are four times more likely to suffer a serious illness before the age of 65 than die. In 2002 the average age of serious illness claimants was just 46. These two facts alone illustrate how important a role Serious Illness Cover should play in your financial planning. If you suffer a serious illness such as cancer, a stroke or heart attack, Serious Illness Cover will provide you with a cash lump sum that will look after your financial commitments while you get back on your feet.
Mortgage ProtectionWhat would happen if your were to die before your mortgage was paid off? With Mortgage Protection your dependents would have nothing to worry about as this form of cover is designed to pay off the balance of your mortgage. Depending on your lifestyle and the mortgage you have, Mortgage Protection comes in a variety of forms and can also be adapted to provide you with an element of Life Insurance.
Business ProtectionYou’ve worked very hard to build up your business to where it is today. So why risk everything by not protecting it against an illness or death affecting yourself, a co-director or an important shareholder? There’s a range of Business Protection solutions available to ensure that your business is safe and secure in the event of the loss of any of your valued management team.

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