Meet the Team – Drury Halpin

Meet Drury Halpin our Business Development Manager and, a vital member of our financial advisor team at Halpin Wealth Management. Drury brings a unique background and passion for finance that sets him apart in the industry.

Drury’s journey began at the University College Cork (UCC) in 2008, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. His strong foundation in engineering paved the way for a successful career. In 2012, Drury embarked on a new adventure, moving to Australia and establishing his own engineering consulting firm. His entrepreneurial spirit thrived during this period, and he gained valuable insights into managing finances for a business.

In 2019, Drury returned to Ireland, continuing to operate his engineering consulting firm. However, his passion for finance never wavered. He has been an avid financial learner since his early days as a graduate in 2008, devouring financial books and staying updated with the latest trends. This commitment to continuous learning became even more pronounced as he managed his own business, realising the importance of sound financial planning.

After numerous conversations with Benjamin and Samantha, Drury made a pivotal decision in 2021: he decided to become a qualified financial advisor. This step was driven by his desire to share his knowledge and help others navigate the complex world of finance. Drury’s engineering background, combined with his newfound expertise in financial advising, brings a unique perspective to our team.

Drury Halpin is not just a financial advisor; he’s a dynamic individual who understands the practical implications of financial decisions, thanks to his journey from engineering to entrepreneurship. He embodies our commitment to delivering comprehensive financial solutions to our clients.