Is Your Money Just Sitting in the Bank?

Ireland’s household deposits hit €135bn by September 2021. But here’s the kicker: your money earns little to no interest, and inflation is chipping away at its value. In the era of low interest rates, having your savings in the bank is essentially making you poorer. So why the record-high deposits?

Sure, some prefer risk-free options, but the reality is, your money is losing value. Emergency funds make sense, and for short-term needs, deposits might work. But locking all your savings away with barely 2% – 3% interest rates isn’t the answer.

Inflation is the Silent Killer: Forecasted at 4% and a crazy 10% at points last year, inflation eats into your purchasing power, making deposits a risky choice for the long term.

Diversification is Key: A mix of assets is essential. While deposits have a role, other avenues like property, equities, and bonds can potentially offer better returns.

Get Your Money Working: Define your objectives and risk tolerance. We can craft a strategy aligning your assets to your goals, so your wealth doesn’t vanish in a bank. Let’s chat about your financial future.